1. Sanskrit 2. History 3. Geography 4. Economics 5. Political Science 6. Mathematics 7. Education 8. Music 9. Philosophy 10. Modern Indian Languages (Hindi, Urdu, Dogri & Punjabi) 11. English Literature 12. Psychology 13. Statistics 14. Functional English


1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Botany 4. Zoology 5. Geography 6. Mathematics 7. Food Science and Quality Control 8. Bio-technology

B.Sc Home Science


B.A-English Honors(Admission through JUET)

P.G Course (Home Science - Admission through JUET)

According to the University rules, a candidate shall be required to take up General English as one of the compulsory subjects and three elective subjects from any of the below mentioned combination subjects according to the availability of the seats in the College. Subject Combination Available:

Math as an elective subject – The candidate should have passed 12th with Math as an elective subject.
1. Botany Chemistry Zoology
2. Physics Chemistry Math
3.Physics Geog. Math
4. ChemistryGeog.Math
5. Chemistry Food Science Zoology
6. Chemistry Food Science Botany
7.Physics Statistics Math
8. GeographyStatistics Math
A. ChemistryBio-technologyZoology
B. ChemistryBio-technologyBotany
Full Home Science Course (All subjects compulsory)
9.MIL OCL Pol. Science
10.MILHistory OCL
11. MIL History Pol. Sc.
12. MILEconomicMath
13.MILPhil Education
14.MIL MusicEducation
15.MIL Music Education
16.MIL EconomicsEducation
17. MIL Pol. Sc. Education
18. MIL HistoryEducation
19. MIL Psychology Education
20.PhilosophyPol. Sc.Education
21. Philosophy Eng. Lit. Education
22. PhilosophyMath Education
23. Philosophy Statistics Education
24. Philosophy Music OCL
25. Economics Math Education
26. Economics Psychology Education
27. Economics Math Geography
28. History Geography Pol. Sc.
29. HistoryPol. Science Education
30.Psychology Phil. Eng. Lit.
31.Psychology Statistics Math
32. Functional Eng.Philosophy Pol. Science
33.Functional Eng. Eng. Lit.History
34. Functional Eng.Eng. Lit.Economics
35.Functional Eng. Psychology Pol. Sc.
36.Pol. Sc. Psychology Education
37. OCL Music Education
38. OCL MILEducation
39. Economics Statistics Math
OCL - Oriental Classical Language Sanskrit
MIL - Modern Indian Languages – Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi & Dogri
Eligibility Criteria for:
Medical Stream – A candidate should have passed 12th with the subjects English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Non Medical - A candidate should have passed 12th with subjects English, Physics, Chemistry and Math.
Home Science – The candidate should have passed 12th with Science Stream or should have studied Home Science as a stream or as an elective subject.


  • Add-On Courses available for students of the College besides the regular course.

»Certificate Course in :

  • Pathological Laboratory Techniques
  • Clinical Dietetics
  • Administrative and Management Skills
  • Communication Skills and Personality Development
  • Creative Writing in English & Journalism
  • Basic in Computer Application
  • Human Rights

A student who has already acquired certificate in the Add-On Course can pursue diploma in the same course and advance Diploma after pursuing Diploma.

Skill Oriented Entrepreneurs

  • Florist Studio
  • Healthy Food-Mushroom Cultivation and Sale Centre
  • Boutique Technology
  • Food Court


  • Many Job Avenues become available For students who pursue these Add On Courses as well as Skill Oriented Courses

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